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Benefits of IoPP Membership

Are you a member of IoPP? If not, you should join today!  Read below to find out why.

Membership Advantages:

  • Networking! Meet other packaging professionals at national and local chapter events to help you find a new job, get advice on solving a packaging problem, or share your knowledge with a colleague in need.


  • Qualify as a Certified Packaging Professional through IoPP's certification process.


  • Receive a member discount at the IoPP Bookstore on materials that will expand your packaging knowledge and education.


  • Receive a member discount on entry fees for the Institute's respected Ameristars packaging excellence competition.


  • Be eligible to serve as a board member at either the local chapter or national level.

Membership Types:


  • Individual Memberships

  • Professional Individual Membership

  • International Membership

  • Retired Membership

  • Student Membership

  • Certification assistance

  • Continuing education programs

  • Enhance your career prospects


Other Membership Options:


  • IoPP Corporate Sponsor Program

  • IoPP Benefactor Program

Membership Opportunities


In today's dynamic marketplace, your company is relying on you to stay ahead of today's issues, technologies and innovations.


Membership in IoPP can help today's packaging leaders by providing guidance, resources and networking opportunities needed to succeed in packaging for today and in the future.


Be a part of the organization that gives you the tools you need for success. Get the information you need, and network with others who can help provide valuable answers to your packaging questions.


Join Now:

  • share your knowledge and experience

  • career opportunities

  • find tour opportunities and resources

  • develop your skills and understanding of packaging issues

  • build your network of industry contacts

  • certification assistance

  • continuing education programs

  • enhance your career prospects​



For more information on how to join now, please visit the IoPP national website at and don't forget to select the Wisconsin Chapter as your chapter affiliation.

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