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IoPP Mission Statement

The Institute of Packaging Professionals is the authoritative organization serving the educational needs of the packaging community, where individuals can enhance their career experience through mutual interaction.


IoPP Vision Statement

IoPP will be the central unifying force in packaging for the benefit of its members, the packaging community and society.

IoPP is dedicated to the proposition that packaging is a positive, environmentally responsible and economically efficient force, operating in a modern economic society for the benefit and improved well-being of its people.


IoPP is committed to global leadership in packaging, which can be achieved only through the continuing education and growth of its members and other packaging professionals.


IoPP is operated with rigorous quality standards, reinforced by continuous improvement and growth in the organization, its activities and operations.


IoPP is working with a dedicated team of volunteer leaders and employed staff, which collaborate efficiently and effectively for the betterment of packaging, the packaging community, IoPP and all of us as individuals; IoPP is maintaining timely and efficient communications among themselves and all other interested parties.


IoPP is operated by individuals with a high standard of ethical conduct in all affairs, within budget and with cost controls to effect fiscal responsibility.

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