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Since 1972, IoPP has awarded qualified applicants the designation Certified Packaging Professional (CPP). To date, over 1,500 packaging professionals have attained CPP status. The most recent IoPP salary survey revealed that CPPs earn between 7% and 10% more than their non-certified co-workers!


Only current IoPP members may apply for accreditation and recognition as a Certified Packaging Professional (CPP). To learn more from the National IoPP CPP program, please click here.



A candidate is qualified to begin the process if he/she has six years experience in packaging or a closely related technical discipline.


The six year requirement can be made up in the following ways:


  • Six years actual work experience

  • Four year college degree from a packaging school plus two years work experience

  • Four year college degree from a packaging school, plus one year for Masters Degree, plus one year actual work experience

  • Completion of all four semesters of the Fundamentals of Packaging Technology series constitutes one year of experience


Others who pass the requirements as set forth, but who have not yet obtained the six years of experience, can earn the Certified Professionals in Training (CPIT) designation and over time work toward their CPP designation.


For more information please contact us, or link to the IoPP National Certification page.  



Qualifying is a private matter, yet among the benefits of having qualification is the public recognition that comes with the achievement.


Those who qualify are known as Certified Packaging Professionals. Candidates achieve the Certified Packaging Professional (CPP) designation by demonstrating significant industry expertise and experience measured through a flexible applicant testing process.


The Institute recognizes successful candidates in its newsletter and on the IoPP website. The industry recognizes the CPP designation as a commitment to excellence in the packaging profession.


Those earning the CPP designation are permitted and encouraged to use the suffix CPP with their name on business cards and letterhead, wear the IoPP/CPP lapel pin, and to display the CPP Certificate which is suitable for framing.


At the candidate's request, IoPP will directly inform company management of the candidate's successful effort.

Current Certified Wisconsin Chapter Members


Edward Boldt, CPIT

Susan Brown, CPP - Lifetime

Bret Carlson, CPP, Fellow

Christopher DeJardin, CPP - Lifetime

Drew Garczynski, CPP

Myron Geiser, CPP - Lifetime

Bradley Gruneberg, CPP - Lifetime

Kyle Kozlowski - CPP

Sean Lemerand, CPP - Lifetime

Eric Moe, CPP

Jeffrey Moen, CPP

Ken Neuburg, CPP

David Nicholson, CPP

Corey Nugent

Nicholas Onesti, CPP

Dale Opgenorth, CPP

Wayne Piepenburg, CPP

Michael Scheel, CPP

Justin Scheunemann, CPP

Edward Solheim, CPP

Joe Stichart, CPP

Brittany Sullivan - CPIT

David Waldschmidt, CPP

Pi Alpha Kappa Award Recipients


Eric Moe - 2015, 2020

Sean Lemerand - 2013

​Wayne Piepenburg - 2013

Brenda Halama - 2013

Mike Scanlan - 2013

Susan Brown - 2012

Robert A. Spreeman Jr. - 2008

Kerianne Otremba - 2006

Christopher J. DeJardin - 2003

Jeff Pahl - 2003

Pam Schroeder - 2002

Jeff Scheffler - 2000

Louis Adelman - 2000

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