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2022 Q3 - Chapter Communications

August 1, 2022

Greetings Wisconsin Chapter IoPP members, affiliates and supporters! We completed our Q2 2022 meeting on May 5th with a tour hosted by Belmark. The tour of Belmark was amazing as we were able to get an in-depth look at their operations. Attendance was great as well with over 20 folks in the mix including Belmark employees. We concluded the evening with a dinner at Brickhouse Burgers & Brews where the group enjoyed food, drinks and professional camaraderie. Thanks to all who attended.

Our focus now changes to the golf outing which takes place on Friday, August 19, only a few weeks away! It’s setting up to be a great event with record attendance for advertisers and participants in the balance. Sign up deadlines are approaching and you should know the team has put in a monumental amount of effort to deliver a quality event again this year. And of course there’ll be something new for you to experience this year as well. Make plans to attend and help support your chapter efforts to raise money for the scholarships offered.

Speaking of scholarships, our endowed scholarship won’t be awarded until next year due to the timing needed between the time we invested and when the first pull can occur. However, the chapter did provide two $500 scholarships to underclassmen for this academic year. Congratulations go out to Veronica Dierks and Joseph Gierl, coincidentally both are from Medford WI, for these awards. We were able to visit with Veronica via team call and I can tell you she was very excited and appreciative of the award. To date, the chapter has awarded $26,200 in scholarships since 1998 in addition to funding the endowed scholarship.

We’re soliciting ideas for a Q4 event – it could be a social outing or onsite tour. If you have something in mind, please reach out to me and I will connect with you to explore the opportunity and timing. It would be really nice to host an upcoming meeting in the Milwaukee and Madison and central WI areas. So anyone with event ideas from those areas, please feel free to reach out to me and we’ll see if we can put something together.

In closing, I welcome you to sign up for our August golf outing on the 19th and I’ll plan to see you there.

Thanks, Mike


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