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2020 Q3 - Chapter Communications

July 22, 2020 Greetings to all IoPP Wisconsin Chapter members, affiliates and supporters, and welcome to our combined chapter! We are now officially known as the IoPP Wisconsin Chapter. I hope you and your family are all well and staying safe. Even with the shutdowns and slowdowns experienced earlier this year, the summer of 2020 is speeding along as we are now already in the July 4th - labor day portion of summer. I hope you have had a chance to enjoy some WI summertime, albeit likely different from recent summers. Following is some information about an upcoming event along with some general chapter communications which I’d like to pass along to you;

  1. 2020 Golf Outing. The golf outing is taking place August 14, 2020 at Royal St Patrick’s near Wrightstown, WI. We have several teams signed up already, but we certainly welcome more teams and/or individual participants. We also have room for hole advertisers. Visit the website or get the link from PackChat to sign up. This is our major fundraiser for the year, so come out and participate or advertise at a hole and support the chapter. Our objective with the proceeds is to create an endowed student scholarship at UW-Stout.

  2. Meetings and Events. Our goal is to have a scheduled chapter event once each quarter. The golf outing is our Q3 2020 event. We’ll work on defining a Q4 2020 event to the extent possible – if it’s still not advisable to gather for a meeting or tour, at the very least we will schedule a virtual meet-and-greet with the chapter leaders. With the expanded geographical area of the chapter, there should be no shortage of event venues. Feel free to reach out if you would like to host a tour or have an idea for an upcoming event, ideas are always welcomed. And hey, it’s Wisconsin, if we did an event at a brewery each quarter, we’ll have years of events for everyone to participate.

  3. Chapter communications. The goal here is to email a communication once each quarter. Eventually I’ll establish a format to communicate standard things like; next meeting information, prior meeting participation, financial and member information. And then I’ll add in chapter specific information along with relevant reminders and information from national as available.

  4. Chapter leadership. With the combined chapter, we needed to establish new leadership. The individuals on the following list have volunteered to step forward to take on roles in the new chapter, you can feel free to reach out to any one of us on this list with questions or comments about the chapter and/or meeting topics or suggestions. See "Chapter Leadership" list below National IoPP & Wisconsin Chapter IoPP images.

Thanks for your time and participation in IoPP. Please strongly consider signing up for the golf outing taking place August 14th . Until Q4 2020, best wishes for you and your family’s health and safety.

Kind Regards, Mike


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